Moving to Canada: The Student’s Path

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8 thoughts on “Moving to Canada: The Student’s Path

  1. Hello again!

    Surprisingly, I also applied for PEI nomination in may 2016, and I’m yet to hear from them. A cavaet- I replied again 2 days before.

    I’m also seriously considering the path of being a university student. But with 7 years of work experience (both me and my wife) and with a 2.5 year old kid, the risk is too obvious.

    Applicants to student visa should prove strong ties to their homeland. Our profile sounds like we want to leave our homeland at any cost 😀 lol

    I think fresh under grads, who are still single with 1-2 years of exp. can choose this route. It is more ideal for them !


    • Would your current job / career now benefit from an MBA / Graduate degree? If yes, then I think the Canadian institutions should accept you.

      Of course, this path will take a lot of patience and possibly money, so it’s really not for everyone.

      May I ask where you’re from? It’s really quite interesting to see so many people from many different nationalities wanting to immigrate to Canada. 🙂


  2. Yes, I’m looking at that option too 🙂 I’m from India (south of India) and currently live in Kuwait! good luck to you 🙂
    I’ve got in touch with a Ukrainian who has also received their nomination from PEI, and have submitted their passports (they are a family with one child) and another Italian, who is currently living in Vietnam! Good luck to you:)

    I’ll have to say big thanks to you for this blog. I read it everyday, trying to glean ideas from this. Even though I have an immigration lawyer who does the filling job, I feel that I need to participate it more actively. Feel remorse for loosing a year looking for jobs, only to hear that jobs are given to candidates who are in canada and are legally permitted to work 😦 😦 Don’t know why Express entry insists on finding a job (guess it is for candidates who are already in Canada)

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    • Thanks for your kind words Joel, happy to hear that we were able to help you even in a small way. 🙂

      Where did you meet the Ukrainian family and Italian? Would love to expand our network before going to PEI as well.

      Don’t feel bad about looking for jobs! I mean, it’s not 100% impossible to get a job from outside of Canada. Consider it an experience of what it’s like to look for a job once you are in Canada. But you are right though, since there are a lot of candidates who are already in Canada (students, temporary workers etc.), the job component of Express Entry is mostly for them.

      Did you send a letter of intent to Ontario? I hear that they’re opening their Provincial Nomination up again next week.


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