Moving to Canada: Touchdown, Charlottetown

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4 thoughts on “Moving to Canada: Touchdown, Charlottetown

  1. Congratulations on successfully moving to Canada! Ive read a bit about your story and have a couple of questions for you, if you dont mind sharing. I too am interested to move with my family to Canada.
    1. What made you choose PEI?
    2. What did you write in your application that you think convinced them to give you a nomination? I’m not sure if your NOCs are in demand in PEI, or if you are experienced in rural life.
    Thanks in advance!

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    • Hi Suhlin,

      Thanks for your comment and kind words. As for your questions,

      1. PEI was honestly just one of the provinces we applied to. Whenever we saw a province open up their Provincial Nomination Program, we would try to apply.

      2. We did our research and just tried to create a good plan of settling. Yes. Our NOCs are not in demand here, but we did mention in our application that we were willing to do other jobs (we even provided links to specific job postings that we thought we could apply to) and also things that can be done to make sure that our transition and assimilation to the community here would be smooth.

      I hope this helps.


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