A Student’s Path to Permanent Residency

Coming from the changes made to the Comprehensive Ranking System for Canadian Express Entry, it seems that the popular consensus is that the best way to get invited for Permanent Residency is to get a Provincial Nomination from the many different provinces in Canada.

This might be true for most people, but for those who are able and willing to take a longer term approach to become a permanent resident of Canada, there is another path to obtaining a PR and that is through becoming a student in Canada.

English or French students

A Student Visa then a Post-Graduation Work Permit

Obviously, a student visa is not a permanent resident visa, but being a student in Canada will give you a better chance at landing a PR visa down the road because of the opportunities it may present to you after you graduate.

Simply put, as long as you enroll in a participating Canadian post-secondary institution, you will, upon graduation, be eligible to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit. The length of this work permit will match the length of your time of study in Canada, but it will not be longer than three years. Keep in mind though that the length of your study program must not be less than eight months to apply for a PGWP.

For example, upon graduation from a two year college/university course in Canada. You will be eligible for a post-graduation work visa with a validity of anywhere between a eight months and two years.

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