From the Tropics to the Rockies

As far as New Year’s resolutions go, starting a personal journal or blog is right up there with going to the gym, cutting back on junk foods or learning something new. So here I am, starting the year by hitting the keyboard instead of the gym in hopes that speed typing helps burn a few extra calories along the way.

I guess I just miss writing… and 2016 has given me the best reason to get back on the blogging saddle.

What’s with 2016? Well… it’s probably going to be the most memorable, exciting, emotional and challenging year of my life so far.

Here is what’s going down in this sixteenth year of the millennium.

  1. I’m getting married
  2. We’re (hopefully) moving to Canada.

Okay. I know that it’s a pretty short list, but I’m sure you’ll agree with me that those two things are more than enough to earn all of the adjectives I mentioned earlier. With a crazy 2016 on the horizon, I decided to create this space to chronicle events throughout the year leading up to the wedding and the (again, hopefully) move to Canada.

Still thinking about what to post about next, but for the meantime, I’ll leave you guys with a picture of how my fiancee and I rang in the New Year.


Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2016!