Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year ahead.

This year, we’re fortunate enough to actually be spending it in Vancouver and Seattle; just quick fourteen day hop around the two cities with both our families 🙂

The Canadian flag, flying in the wind at Canada Place, Vancouver.
View of downtown Seattle from the Space Needle.

2017 is going to be quite a year for us. Hopefully, our application doesn’t hit any snags and we can make our way and land in Prince Edward Island before October.

As for the blog, we’ll continue to post updates as we get them, while also writing about things that we find interesting here and there.

That’s it for now! Time for us to go to bed since we’ll be spending our Christmas morning driving back to Vancouver from Seattle. Wherever you are and whatever life has given you, we do hope that you have a Christmas filled with love and a 2017 full of positivity and success. 🙂