Ready na ba Kayo? (Are you guys Ready?) On What It Really Means to Leave.

It’s now officially 30 days before moving to Canada.

By this time, most of our family and friends already know about us leaving. Most of them have been all smiles and supportive, but of course there are those who allow their doubts and concerns to come to the surface. We can’t blame them though since they’re just looking out for our best interests based on what they believe in. Besides, uprooting your life and moving halfway across the world is an undertaking that’s almost impossible to fully comprehend.

These days, whenever conversations steer towards Canada, there’s one question that’s almost always asked.

“Ready na ba kayo? (Are you guys ready?)”

I guess to answer that question, we would need to answer these first.

Are we ready to leave our family and friends behind? No. And don’t even get us started on the dogs. 

Are we ready to let go of the financial security that our jobs give you here? No. We’re both lucky enough to make enough here to live comfortably without any debt. 

Are we ready to  separate ourselves from the comforts that living in the Philippines gives you (helpers, drivers etc.) No. We tend to take things like drivers and helpers for granted, but imagine having to to do 100% of the chores, 365 days of the year.

Are we ready for the weather? No. You think you might be ready, but we’ll probably start missing the predictability of Manila’s sun pretty soon.

Are we ready to speak English (not even Taglish) all the time?  No. We’ll probably end up stopping a lot mid-sentence because I’ll be looking for the correct English word to use.

This list could go on and on, but I guess it’s clear that the answer is no. No, we’re not ready to leave the only place we have called home for the last 28 years. I don’t think we’ll ever be ready to leave the only things and people we’ve ever known. I still can’t imagine going through the heartbreaking goodbyes. And I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about how different our lives would be once we step into the airport.

But hey, we’re leaving anyway.

We’re leaving because we’re lucky enough to get the chance to explore the possibility of living in another country.

We’re leaving because we believe that we occupy such a small place in this world and that we should experience what else is there in this big world of ours.

We’re leaving because things like breathing fresh air, drinking clean water, walking safe streets and working with an  honest government should be accessible to all people.

We’re leaving because we want to give our future children the best possible life.

We are reminded of a video we saw recently of Will Smith. (Click the picture for the video since WordPress does not allow free accounts to upload videos).


“God placed the best things in life on the other side of terror. On the other side of your maximum fear are all of the best things in life.” 

That is such a beautiful quote and it really encompassed how we feel about moving to Canada. Are we scared? Yes. Is this the biggest decision of our life? Yes. But the best thing that could possibly happen to us might just be on the other side.



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