Moving to Canada: Bringing Your Money to Canada (Part I)

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8 thoughts on “Moving to Canada: Bringing Your Money to Canada (Part I)

  1. Hello and greetings from Malaysia!

    A very good of step-by-step process for a beginner like me!
    I am thinking of moving to Canada with my wife and 3 kids. However, i would come alone and after getting a stable job, my wife and kids would come along (hopefully within a year or so after my migration).
    Reading through your posts really opened up my eyes and give me more in-depth understanding of the reality moving to Canada, and it was very useful and helpful tips! Keep up the good job!
    I am now slowly studying the process flow from sitting for the IELTS exam, finding a job offer and a place to stay. Correct me if i’m wrong, is it difficult for me to find a job there in Canada as it always requires ‘Canadian Experience’ is a must? I am willing to work double hard should i land there in Canada, but need to know the right direction of where am i heading.
    Really appreciate if you could share some experiences on how to start off for looking for a job in Canada, an affordable place to stay and the likelihood of getting things done correctly prior moving there.
    Oh ya, i am looking forward to immigrate either to Toronto or Vancouver.

    Thank you for the enlightenment and looking forward for your reply.

    Thank you.

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    • Hi Hafiz!

      Thank you for your comment! To answer your question, yes, it does seem that having “Canadian Experience” is preferred by most employers here. However, I have seen instances (especially in IT and other high demand industries), that new immigrants get hired even before coming to Canada. Most likely, you will probably land here first before being able to land a job since employers will really prefer seeing a Canadian address and telephone number on your resume.

      As for advice on landing a job and looking for a place to stay, we’ll hopefully write about those soon as we continue our experience here.

      Btw, we’ve just moved our blog to We’ll be posting there from now on. 🙂

      Thanks Hafiz and good luck! Let us know of any updates from you in our new blog.


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