Changes to the Comprehensive Ranking System for Canadian Express Entry

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7 thoughts on “Changes to the Comprehensive Ranking System for Canadian Express Entry

  1. Hello! thanks for this blog! After getting a CRS score of 429, I’ve been looking for jobs and contacting recruiters via Linkedin and other recruitment websites. A candidate applying for Job has to be legally entitled to work in Canada- meaning you should be in Canada and get the necessary approvals.

    I don’t understand then, how to increase my score, apart from getting a job. I’ve applied for provincial nomination, and yet to hear from them ­čśŽ

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    • Hi Joel!

      Unfortunately, it does really seem like getting a legitimate job offer from outside of Canada is now a shot in the dark. The Canadian government has passed laws and rules that almost make it impossible to hire a foreign national unless that someone has a highly specialized skill set / trade. I think the only ones getting into Canada through job offers right now are those with a background in medicine.

      For the last couple of years, hopeful immigrants have really used the Provincial Nomination program as their way into Canada. This can really be a hit or miss affair and it really requires a lot of patience, persistence and well… luck. In our case, it took Prince Edward Island a total of nine months to reply to our letter of intent. We didn’t hear a single word from them within that amount of time and it really tested our resolve.

      Look for all available and open provincial nominations and apply to all of them. If you have the time and the resources, you can also explore getting a master’s degree in Canada. Right now, those are the only two pieces of advise I can give you.

      Really hope I was able to help. Good luck Joel. ­čÖé


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