IELTS Testing Day: Listening, Reading and Writing Tests

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12 thoughts on “IELTS Testing Day: Listening, Reading and Writing Tests

        • I guess depende siya kung nagmamadali kayo or hindi and kung anong klaseng test yung kailangan niyo kunin.

          We took the crash course, since gipit na kami sa oras and we were going to take the easier (general) test only. If you have time naman, I would suggest taking the comprehensive review para mas sigurado.

          What test will you be taking ba? And do you know anong minimum kailangan mo? 🙂


  1. Hello! Found your blog, and liked how you described your IELTS experience… me and my husband are in the process of preparation for the IELTS. Perhaps I will be a primary applicant for immigration, so loads of responsibility is on my shoulders 🙂 How much did you score in IELTS finally? Is it possible to achieve CLB 9 (which I need to…hmm). I am dreading the listening part as I know it’s the weakest part of my command over English. Exactly what N wrote about – the accent (particularly, British) is least of my favourite, lol. Thanks for writing this blog and sharing.

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    • Hi Anna!

      Thanks for your kind words! 🙂 For our IELTS, we got the following scores

      V: Listening (9), Reading (9), Writing (7), Speaking (8.5), Overall (8.5)
      N:Listening (8), Reading (8.5), Writing (8), Speaking (8), Overall (8)

      We wrote a bit about how the scoring system works in another post:

      If you’re taking the basic IELTS exam, then it is really possible to get a CLB score of 9! Even though we didn’t get an overall score of 9, I really feel that it was more because of carelessness than actual lack of skill in English. 🙂

      Do you have places in India where they conduct review classes for IELTS? Btw, I visited your blog and was absolutely charmed by you and your family’s story! Love truly finds a way. 🙂 Anyway, if there are places where you can review, then you should go there, if not, then YouTube has enough materials to prepare you as well. Just be sure to practice because it’s the best way to improve your scores!

      We’d love to know how your test goes and good luck to you, your husband and your son. 🙂


      • Oh wow, the scores you got are nevertheless pretty high… Congratulations! I think you should get your ITA soon:))
        Sure, we do have coaching centers, they do mock tests. So we are going to start preparation from today on wards. We do understand that IELTS is all about ability to use English language. I will surely update when we give our test.
        I would also practice my listening part as much as I can. Thanks for reply and keep in touch. All the best to both of you too!


  2. Hi! I had my IELTS last weekend. It was fine, not as scary as it may seem and as everybody thinks it is…The key is concentration and attentiveness. Anyway, my results will come on the 17th of June..fingers crossed because I need CLB 9…I wanted to ask whether you tried for PNP? We keep as an option too, but somehow having many doubts. Do you need to have a job offer to be eligible for PNP?this is the main issue actually.. hmm…


    • Hi Anna!

      Nice hearing from you again!

      We’re currently applying for a PNP right now and it does seem like it’s the only way to go since the points requirement in Express Entry does not want to go down. 😦


      • Hey, nice to hear from you too! Hmm.. and also you got such high IELTS sores but still total CRS is not that high (I mean its good otherwise of course). This point system is not perfect because if they emphasize so much on IELTS score, then they should consider your high scores even if you don’t get many point in CRS.. huh… all the best! Keep in touch and let’s hope for the best!


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