Express Entry Draw Update: Quit Playing Games With My Heart

Just to give you guys an update about our own application after the draw last January 13, 2016:

After the last draw, we are still waiting to get drawn and receive an ITA (Invitation To Apply) from CIC. We are hoping that the points needed will keep on going down since it has been on a downward trend for the past few draws. Currently, we are assigned a total of 440 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System, with the draw last January 13 needing at least 453 points.

Here is a little background on how the Express Entry rounds of invitation work:

After creating your Express Entry Profile on the CIC website, you will be assigned a score which will be used to rank you against other profiles in the pool of possible candidates. I am not sure how CIC calculates their draws, but they regularly select the highest-ranking candidates and give them ITAs. So in short, those with the highest points in the pool will receive invitations, depending on the predetermined allotted number of invitations that CIC has decided to give out at the time. I’m not really sure if it works this way, but we’ve been told that the draw works on something like an averaging system, the more candidates with higher points are in the pool, the higher the required to receive an ITA will be. In short, the more applicants with higher point totals there are in the pool, the higher the draw will be and vise-versa.

During the first half of 2015, when the “new” version of Express Entry had just been implemented, the minimum points were on average, in the 700s. In the latter part of the year, when those with really high points (supposedly those that are already residing in Canada with job offers) have already been given invitations, the minimum score to receive an ITA has now gone down to the 400 – 500 point range.

Since completing our Express Entry Profile last August, we have been enduring (I can be a bit dramatic) a series of draws that have caused both excitement and anxiety for us. Again, our score is 440. Here are the minimum scores for the rounds of invitations beginning September 2015 to present:

September 8            459

September 18           450

October 2                  450

October 23                484 

November 13            484

November 27           472

December 4              461

December 18            460

January 6                   461

January 13                  453

The closest we’ve ever been to receiving an ITA was on 18th September and 2nd October, where the minimum was 450 points. Imagine my dismay when it suddenly went up to 484 on the next round of draws. Happy to see that it has since been going down again though.

Quit Playing Games
Please stop playing games with my heart, CIC!

We asked an Immigration Lawyer  based in Canada on Twitter about it and here’s what he had to say.

Hopefully it does hit that “sweet spot” sooner rather than later. If not, maybe it’s time to consider other options like a Provincial Nomination. For now though, we’re just waiting and praying and hoping that it doesn’t go up again.


If there’s anything you want to ask, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as I can! Alternatively, we’ve also set up a Twitter account @tropics2rockies, so we can also talk there. 🙂




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