Moving to Canada: Express Entry Level of Education

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19 thoughts on “Moving to Canada: Express Entry Level of Education

  1. Good read! I have just arrived here in Canada last December and is looking for something worthwhile to read. Luckily I came across this blog! I have undergone the same procedure at WES and i’d say it’s really straightforward. Anyway, good luck on your IELTS results and I hope everything goes well with your application, and of course, your wedding!


    • Hi Marc!

      Thank you so much for your kind words and congratulations on getting to Canada!

      If you don’t mind us asking, we would like to know how long your whole process took before you got to Canada? We’ve been waiting for around half a year for our ITA 🙂


      • We applied here as a family in the early 2013, it took us less than a year to obtain our PR status. At that time, my dad had already been working here and we were also sponsored by his employer. I believe that expedited the whole process. In your case, I think that excellent level of english and education as you have would increase your rank and hopefully speed up the process.


  2. Hi, I wonder if this procedures guarantee my niece, who graduated in University of the Philippines and currently working in advertising company, to enter in Canada. As you provided an example, student from Ateneo, do they have a list of post secondaries which are eligible to apply or not?


  3. Hi, I would like to ask if it will be the same assessment from other university that is not on the Top 3. Like from a so-so university. Do you think the results will be the same? Our university has 5 years of engineering study. Also, is it okay if I just collect the documents that the school will send to WES and just email it myself with the schools address?


    • Hello! 🙂

      These assessments are really tricky. The best we can do is use their “Free Degree Equivalency Tool” found in there website. (

      For engineers though, I think Canada doesn’t really recognize any kind of engineering degree outside of North America, so you would probably have to re-certify yourself in Canada regardless of what assessment your education gets.

      For the documents, I think you really have to submit them in separate envelopes, so yes, you technically submit them yourself. However, if your school has experience with things like this, it might be better to let the school do it since that’s how it’s normally done. Just be sure to ask for a tracking number so you can follow the package.

      Hope this helps, good luck! 🙂


  4. Thank you so much, I just had my IELTS result this week. I think it’s good enough, I’ll just have to talk to my University about the documents. I haven’t created an EE profile because I’m still lacking the ECA. I’ve had my preliminary assessment here:

    it doesn’t have any points for relatives and working experince. I’am an Electronics Engineering Graduate, I’m in IT, Software Engineer for 4 years. I have an Uncle in Ontario. Do you think it will still help me get a higher score?

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    • You should definitely get your ECA as soon as possible since it would take some time for the documents to travel all the way to Canada then back here. Right now (if I remember correctly), EE allocates a certain number of points for work experience, but not for family members. CIC has said that the sweet spot for express entry scores is from 350 – 450 points, so if you can get within that range, then it should be good. However, it still remains to be seen when the point requirement will hit that sweet spot since the draws have only gone as low as 450 points twice.

      I actually envy you guys in the IT/Engineering field! From what I’ve read and heard, while it’s true that you would have to get certified again in Canada, your existing skills and training should make you highly employable in a lot of good jobs. 🙂


  5. Hello once again… another painful thing to do – ECA :)))lol… I just wanted to ask does it really matter from which of those agencies listed on the Canada government website you get the assessment done? Many of our friends went for WES, however WES requests original documents to be sent, and I would not like to since if they are lost then it’s another huge problem to solve.


    • Hi again Anna! 🙂

      Yes, ECA was definitely a hassle since we had to run around the city getting all our materials and making sure that they’re sealed and couriered safely to WES. Hmmmm… here in the Philippines, most people seem to also go for WES, so I really would not know about the other agencies. But, I’m pretty sure that if the agency is listed in Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website, then there shouldn’t be a problem using that agency. Which agency is this if you don’t mind me asking? I only ask because I haven’t encountered an agency that doesn’t require the original document to be sent to them. 🙂

      Looks like an exciting 2016 ahead for you and your family! I hope that both of our families be blessed this year. 🙂


      • Hey, thanks for such prompt replies!!! I am glad we have connected, I will add your blog in my reading list in blogger too.:) Well, the University of Toronto( doesn’t ask for original documents since they don’t return such correspondence. So they request colored copies, as well as, translation of the credentials in the language either than English (in my case). I guess too that as soon as the government itself authorized other agencies, then there should not be any problem. I suppose that WES is preferred due to the fast processing time… but we actually have time with us because of the different reasons, and most probably will be able to give application only after 6-7 months. What is the status of your application? Are you hoping to get ITA this year or next year? In which category did you apply? Well… me and my husband are very excited about the whole new for us journey we are going to take, and we hope for the best. Thanks, all the best to you and to receive good news from Canada very soon!!!


        • Right now, we’re just in the pool, waiting for our ITA. We’re keeping our fingers crossed despite all the draws being 470 points and higher! Hoping for them to come back down soon. We also tried getting a Provincial Nomination going, but we still don’t know if it will bear any fruit. Our profile has been in the pool since August of last year, so we’re really need the ITA as soon as possible so that we can make the move before the year ends. 🙂

          Maybe we’ll see each other in Canada in the not so distant future? 😛


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